Pain Management

Constant pain can start to affect your quality of life and keep you from doing the things you enjoy. If you struggle with pain then you know how much it can affect your daily tasks and activities, making what used to be simple now much more difficult or impossible. Dealing with constant or chronic pain can also take a toll on your mental health. When it comes to taking care of constant pain, it helps to understand the source of your pain. Pain is usually a symptom of a larger issue going on, whether you were injured or have a medical condition. Whether you struggle with chronic or intermittent pain, there are pain management solutions that can help relieve your pain so you can get back enjoying your life and moving around without pain.

Intermittent pain may occur every once in a while, like if you irritate an old injury that didn’t heal properly. Pain may flare up when you perform certain specific movements or activities, but otherwise, you don’t experience the pain and discomfort. Chronic pain, on the other hand, refers to pain you have experienced consistently for 6 or more months. If you struggle with chronic pain, you should know that there are pain management solutions out there for you. You don’t have to live with chronic pain and let it affect your entire life. Do more than just cope with pain; visit a pain management doctor who can help.

Options for Pain Management

Our Accident Doctors aim to provide our patients with pain management solutions that help you live pain-free lives. We offer personalized treatment options with our highly knowledgeable and skilled doctors who utilize state-of-the-art technologies. When you visit a doctor for pain management, you don’t just want someone to prescribe you a medicine to mask your pain symptoms. Instead, you want a doctor who will provide you with practical and effective options for pain management. Whether you are struggling with chronic pain, joint pain, headaches, or aggravation from an old injury, our team of pain management doctors is here to help by offering pain management and quality healthcare to improve your health and your quality of life.

Our team of pain management doctors wants to provide each person with effective and efficient solutions, especially if you have been struggling with severe or chronic pain for a while. In order to provide you with a pain management treatment approach that suits your body’s needs best, our doctors may confirm a diagnosis with diagnostic imaging tools. Our pain management doctors utilize state-of-the-art diagnostics like X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans so they can get a much clearer look at your internal structures and identify the root cause of your pain. X-rays can provide your doctor with clearer visuals of any bone or joint issues. Skeletal injuries can lead to chronic pain, and an X-ray can help to pinpoint the location of a fracture or dislocation. CT scans and MRIs offer a much more detailed look at soft tissues and organs as well. Soft tissue injuries are another leading cause of chronic pain and it helps to get highly detailed pictures of the affected area to pinpoint the precise areas affected and causing pain.

Once your doctor has determined the most appropriate diagnosis for your pain symptoms, they will develop a pain management treatment plan unique to your needs and healthcare concerns. Our pain management doctors utilize conservative approaches to treatment at first and work to address your pain symptoms as well as their root cause. Conservative approaches to pain management include manual therapies, natural chiropractic care, and minimally invasive options. Only when a doctor determines these approaches are or may not be successful will they pivot to considering more invasive procedures like surgery. Less invasive treatment options for pain offer pain management solutions that require little to no recovery time. Chiropractic care provides an all-natural option for pain management that promotes the body’s natural healing abilities. When you meet with a chiropractor for pain management, they will take a holistic approach to your healthcare concerns and look at how misalignments may be disrupting your healthy functioning. Chiropractic care and physical therapy are great options for hands-on approaches to pain management and recovery.

How Car Accident Chiropractors Help with Pain Management

Many people experience lasting pain relief with chiropractic care. Here are examples of pain across the body and how chiropractic care can help.

Head Pain

Doctors who specialize in pain management address head injuries that range from mild to severe. More severe head injuries are known as traumatic brain injuries, which include concussions. A blow to the head can lead to a concussion or other type of head trauma. A head injury can negatively impact the brain, leading to symptoms like head pain that won’t go away. A traumatic brain injury like a concussion can cause bruising on the brain, known as a contusion. Fractures or lacerations to the skull and bleeding on the brain are life-threatening injuries that should be addressed right away. You will need ongoing treatment and attention for pain management while you heal from one of these types of head injuries. People struggling with head pain may also benefit from injection therapies and physical therapy.

Neck Pain

One of the more common areas where people experience chronic pain is in the neck. Whether you recently suffered an injury or are coping with pain and discomfort from years of poor posture, neck pain can take a toll on your daily life, keeping you from simple movements like turning your head from side to side or even negatively impacting your sleep. Neck pain may be caused by spinal damage or injury in the neck, or injury to soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A chiropractor will manually examine your neck and will likely also use diagnostic imaging tools to get a better look at the affected area before getting started with any neck pain treatment. Many times, chronic neck pain may involve a combination of spine and soft tissue damage, and a chiropractor can help. Through a combination of spinal adjustments, therapeutic massage, and other treatment techniques, you will start to experience pain relief.

Back Pain

Musculoskeletal injuries can lead to back pain, which can develop into chronic pain if left untreated. If you have suffered a spinal injury then you will be acutely aware because the pain and other symptoms may make some movements excruciating or even impossible. The spine is divided into three main areas, the cervical spine that starts at the base of the brain and runs through the neck; the thoracic spine that runs behind your chest and vital organs; and the lumbar spine that is in the lower back and where the bend in the back begins. Depending on what area of the spine is injured, you may experience pain and other symptoms that radiate into other areas. When nerves are impacted by a spinal injury, you may experience pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness through your extremities like your hands and feet. Chiropractors study the spine and its effects on healthy functioning in the body. Your chiropractor will use a combination of all-natural and therapeutic back pain treatment options to resolve misalignments in your spine and also address pain affecting soft tissues as well.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is another reason why people seek out care from a chiropractor. Joint pain can become chronic or occur because of a degenerative disorder like arthritis. In order to provide effective pain management for your joint pain, your doctor will want to determine the root cause. An acute injury to a joint may affect you differently than a degenerative condition, so your chiropractor will want to confirm the cause in order to provide you with the most effective pain management treatment. Common areas where people experience joint pain include shoulders, wrists, knees, and ankles. People also struggle with joint pain in the shoulders, elbows, and hips. All the joints in the body help us to move more fluidly and flexibly, so your chiropractor will want to provide you with effective pain management solutions that help improve healthy functioning in your joints and supporting soft tissues.

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